Blood Bowl

Classifying Blood Bowl teams using clustered heatmaps

Restate my assumptions: If you graph the numbers of any system, patterns emerge. In this post we'll use clustered heatmaps to graph the numbers from the Blood Bowl Fantasy football game, and see what patterns emerge!

Nufflytics: Analyzing Blood Bowl matches from FUMBBL using Python

This blogpost is about **Blood Bowl**, a boardgame I started playing last year. The idea of this blog post is to showcase some possible analyses that can be done on the FUMBBL match data I've compiled.

OpenJDK and IcedTea: Java Web Start Forensics on Ubuntu

To play [Blood Bowl online on](, a Java client is used that works with Java Web Start. On my Ubuntu linux system, open source versions of java and java web start (openJDK and IcedTea) take care of this. This post describes my suffering caused by the client not working anymore after a Ubuntu software update, and might be helpful for others encountering the same issues.