Data science

Nufflytics: Analyzing Blood Bowl matches from FUMBBL using Python

This blogpost is about **Blood Bowl**, a boardgame I started playing last year. The idea of this blog post is to showcase some possible analyses that can be done on the FUMBBL match data I've compiled.

Using R to analyse the Roche Antigen Rapid Test: How accurate is it?

This blog post is about the Roche Rapid Antigen Test Nasal. How accurate is it? I tracked down the data mentioned in the kit's leaflet, discuss the whole measurement process and used R to reproduce the sensitivity and specificity of the test.

Simulating Fake Data in R

This blog post is on simulating fake data using the R package [simstudy]( Motivation comes from my interest in converting real datasets into synthetic ones.

Exploring Process Mining in R

In this post, we'll explore the BupaR suite of Process Mining packages created by Gert Janssenswillen of Hasselt University.